Hummingbird Villa is owned by Jaime and James Kerner, who purchased the property after being married on the premises.  They partner with local markets, restaurants, florists, nature guides and Saba's finest diving companies to create a warm, wonderful and memorable visit for you.  We can assist with all details of your destination wedding, can arrange private hikes in the rain forest, or book diving for you directly--and you will be picked up and returned to the Villa after each and every outing.

​Hummingbird Villa sits all alone, behind private walls and fences, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Other "private" properties on Saba are stacked on top of one another in the village, with small privacy fences in between; so while they technically enjoy visual privacy from below or at the same elevation, they are not truly visually private or isolated from sound. 
Hummingbird Villa enjoys Saba's finest microclimate. The sun licks the property in the morning as it moves westward. In the afternoon, when other parts of the island are heating up, the sun moves into the clouds above Mt. Scenery, gracing Hummingbird with cool afternoons. There is always an ocean Breeze at Hummingbird Villa, so air conditioning is rarely needed--though of course it is provided.

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